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SYD-RW186 Slag Melting Temperature Tester
    发布时间: 2014-09-24 15:51    

The melting temperature of slag is important index, which is critical for slagging operation during metallurgical process. Hence, the melting behavior of slag system in actual metallurgical production (such as continuous casting mold powder, etc.) has to be predicted by tests. This product is mainly developed based on the latest standard specification of YB/T 186 (Continuous casting mold powder melting temperature test method) and combined with YB/T186 and as well as industrial application experiences.

SYD-RW186 Slag Melting Temperature Tester

Main features

1.Horizontal placed of heating furnace with optimized structures, the high thermal efficiency and energy consumption of which can be achieved with the application of polycrystalline ceramic fiber;

2.Sample loading mechanism with horizontal slide rails, which ensures the precise loading of sample into target temperature zone;

3.Long thermal span and high temperature zone stability can be ensured with the application of silicon molybdenum and an optimized furnace structure;

4.Industrial-grade digital CCD camera with high-definition color imaging, high pixels, optimized image algorithm, accurate recognition, automatic correction. The signal-to-noise ratio can be maintained at an excellent level despite of the unavoidable displacement of sample during heating;

5.Automatic identification of image with the determination of softening temperature, hemispheric temperature, flow temperature and automatic annotation on corresponding images of each stage. The machine will be stopped when the measurement is completed, while the automatic entering of sample information is optional;

6. The software is switchable for the measurement of assimilation and melting temperature;

7.A staged automatic temperature control of sample created by two independent temperature systems. The current in low temperature mode can be automatically optimized with an adjustable heating rate. The high heating rate and automatic cooling system can significantly increase the efficiency of test;

8.Real-time display of sample image with automatic annotation;

9.Autosaving of history data and image playback;

10.Protection for overheating, thermocouple damage and overload of current, etc.;

11.Automatic calibration of melting temperature when necessary;

12.Automatic diagnosing on malfunction of heating elements and real-time digital display of loading voltage and current;

13.Special designed structure for convenient replacement of heating elements, which makes the replacement of the heating elements more efficient;

14.The hardware of product is designed with modularity, which can satisfy the requirement for hardware upgrades from users.

Technical parameter

Temperature control

Temperature resolution: 0.2;

Temperature precision: ±2 (≥600);

Temperature range: 0 to 1800;

Working temperature: 0 to 1750;

Heating rate: custom, up to 50 /min;

Thermocouple: B/S type.

Temperature zone and sample

Dimensions: 30 (diameter)×35 mm;

Working temperature: 1650 (Max);

Heating element: silicon molybdenum;

Inner furnace tube: high-purity corundum Ø35 mm;

Melting temperature sample: Ø3×3×3

Specimen carrier: automatic sliding rail positioning


CCD pixel: 5 megapixels;

Frame rate: 14 to 60 FPS (adjustable)

Sample image retention format: JPG

Camera mechanism: four degrees of freedom adjustable.

Power supply

Voltage: AC 220 V±10%, 50 Hz;

Rated maximum power: 2 kW (Max);

Furnace shell

Protection type: natural air convection;

Surface temperature: ≤50; 


Sound alarm: volume: 60 to 70 dB, frequency: 3 kHz;

Overheating protection: automatic hardware output breach;

Protection type: rod damage, abnormal heating of temperature, overload of current, etc.;

Communication characteristics

Hardware specifications: TCP/IP, photoelectric isolation, anti-surge;

Communication wire: twisted pair RVV cable of 5 class;

Computer and peripheral features

Hardware part: Lenovo business model, basic configuration, dual-core CPU, memory: 4G, hard disk: 2TB;

Display specification: 22 inches, 16:9, display resolution: 1920×1080;

Printer: HP black and white laser, A4;

Software part: compatible with WIN7 operating system;

Control software: SYDwin-RW186;

Physical properties

Dimensions: (L×W×H): 560×660×700;

Working noise: <45 dB, intermittent, noise type: fan running;

Whole machine weight: 110 kg;

Working environment temperature and humidity: 0-45, 0-90% RH non-condensing;

Storage/transport temperature: -40 to 60;

Installation formation: horizontal.