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SYD-105 Lime activity tester
    发布时间: 2014-09-24 16:30    

Limes is applied in both ironmaking and steelmaking process as a slagging agent to remove sulfur and phosphorus. The addition of lime into slag may significantly lower the smelting temperature of slag and optimize the elimination of harmful impurities. The activity of lime is an important index for the evaluation on quality of lime, which is closely related to the desulfuration and dephosphorization rate.

SYD-105 Lime activity tester

Main features:

1.Designed according to the technical requirements of YB/T105-2014

2.Automatic quantitative control of aqueous solution

3.Automatic control of water temperature and stirring paddle;

4.Hydrochloric acid automatic titration;

5.PH meter probe automatically control;

6.Touch screen control;

7.The activation process curve can be drawn and the results can be calculated and analyzed automatically;

8.All operations can be done on computer.


1.PH measurement: range 0 to 14.00PH, resolution: 0.01PH;

2.Titration accuracy: 0.01mL, Droplet volume: 1 drop to continuous and interval time adjustable (Automatic & Manual)

3.Rotation speed of Stirring paddle: 200 to 300r/min, Rotation speed accuracy: ±0.1r/min;

4.Aqueous solution: 2000ml±5 ml;

5.Temperature control: 40, Resolution: ±0.5;

6.Timing accuracy: 0.3s/10min;

7.Quantity of feeder: Max: 4 × 50 g;

8.Reagent titration (phenolphthalein solution): 0.01ml, Droplet volume: 1 drop ~ continuous and interval time adjustable (Automatic & Manual)

9.Acid preparation: Automatic; Accuracy depends on the concentrated hydrochloric acid; Theoretical value: 4 ± 0.001mol;

10.HMI touch screen: Min: 7 inches

Optional modules

YB105C01 automatic feeder:

1.The sample can be automatically dumped into the beaker;

2.Accurate timing at the initial stage may increase the accuracy of test;

3.Samples are reserved in an airtight loader, which can reduce the contact of sample with air;

YB105C02 automatic acid preparation system

1.Automatic preparation of acid solution of 4mol concentration, which eliminate the harm to operators during preparation of acid solution;

2.The equipment of acid and water metering pump can provide automatic mixing and dispensing;

3.The automatic backflow of acid can eliminate the influence of residual acid solution in conveying pipes on the concentration of prepared acid;

4.Coefficients can be modified on the software to satisfy the requirement of hydrochloric acid of various concentrations;

5.The preparation process of acid can be manually done without contact.

YB105C03 hydrochloric acid automatic titration

1.Automatic acid titration control;

2.Alterable titration rate and non-contact manual titration control is supported;

3.Residual acid in titration pipe can be removed.

YB105C04 automatic phenolphthalein titration

1.Automatic phenolphthalein titration control;

2.Alterable titration rate and non-contact manual titration control is supported;

3.Residual reagent in titration pipe can be removed.

YB105C05 HCL gas absorber

1.HCl gas produced during acid dispensing and titration process can be absorb;

2.Activated carbon and HCl gas absorbent are provided.

YB105C06 liquid waste collector

1.Collect and store the residual acid and waste water produced during test;

2.It is feasible to do one-time cleaning after consecutive tests, which may significantly reduce the workload of test.