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SYD-T224/224/224i Tester coke reactivity index and coke strength after reaction
    发布时间: 2014-09-24 15:31    

Coke is an essential raw material for the operation of blast, which acts as the primary source of heat, reducing agent, carburizing agent and most importantly the supporting spine of loose burden. The proportion of coke is gradually decreased with application of pulverized coal injection. With the degradation of coke structure during gasification, the important effect of metallurgical coke for gas and liquid permeability of burden becomes more and more significant. The reactivity of coke refers to its gasification ability with CO2, which can be used to evaluate the degradation behavior of coke during carbon solution reaction. This machine is developed based on the latest standards of  ISO18894 and GB/ T4000.

SYD-T224/224/224i Tester coke reactivity index and coke strength after reaction

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Some main functions of this system are modularized, which can provides more options.

SYD-T224 Silicon carbon heating element

SYD-224 Conventional resistance wire

SYD-224i Resistance wire in three sections

Optional systems 

1.Single furnace/dual furnace/multi-furnace   

2.Automatic backup gas

3.Protective furnace body                     

4.Thermogravimetric analysis

The heating elements of SYD-224i can be replaced without any operation on the hearth of furnace.


1.2-D automatic loading and unloading;

2. Heating with 12 bars of 3-phase;

3.One-key convenient operation;

4.Internal and external independent furnace pipe;

5.Automatic gas supply backup;

6.Automatic preheating of furnace;

7.Compatible with manual operation;

8.Comprehensive maintenance of controller;

9.Interconnection of network.

Relevant patents

1.ZL200920014850.1 Automatic gas backup technology

2.ZL200920014849.9 3-phase power supply technology

3.ZL201120031250.3 2-D automatic loading and unloading of reactor

4.ZL201420161163.3 Special heating furnace tube

5.ZL201410133460.1 The utility model relates to a furnace structure

6.ZL201220500860.8 High temperature reactor


No matter what kind of heating method, as long as the heating furnace body has a constant temperature area, it will meet the requirements of the test process;

Since 2008, it has been the only type of furnace with constant temperature zone heated by silicon carbon rod. (elema)

In 2015, the first silicon carbon rod heating furnace in line with ISO18894 standard was exported

Detachable furnace body

1.The manual operation mode is reserved though it is seldom used;

2.The hidden universal wheels can ensure the free motion of furnace;

3.Two-dimensional electric module is maintenance-free;

4.Dual furnace integrated model: resistance wire in three sections and independent furnace tube;

5.Automatic two-dimensional loading and unloading of reactor;

6.Manual operator is supported if accidents occur.

Main features

1.Single furnace, dual furnace, multi-furnace types are optional. The multi-furnace model is connected through network, which can support up to 12 furnaces;

2. Dual or multiple furnaces can work independently. Hence, if malfunction occurs to one of these furnaces, the other furnaces can work normally;

3.The furnaces can work independently at the same time. The failure of one furnace will not influence the others;

4.The testing process from Baosteel is referenced. Tests can be continuously done without cooling, by which the efficiency can be raised by over 30%;

5.Manual operation is supported based on an independent hardware structure, by which the test temperature, gas flow rate, gas type, electromotion, loading and unloading of reactor can be adjusted or switched;

6.Gas supply backup system is selectable, which is the exclusive patent and technology of our company;

7.Protective furnace body is optional, the surface temperature of which will be controlled below 55℃ and ensure the personal safety of operators;

8.Detachable and all-in-one machine structures are selectable, which can provide flexible options for space and power requirements of laboratory.

Computer specification:

Hardware: Lenovo business models (mainstream types in delivery period);

Display specifications: 22 inches (16:9);

Software: WIN7/WIN10 system;

Control software: SYD win-T224/224/224I (Chinese or English).

Physical characteristics:

All-in-one single furnace:

Dimensions(L×W×H): 2200×640×1200mm;

Weight: 230kg;

All-in-one double furnace:

Dimensions(L×W×H): 3200×640×1200mm;

Weight: 375 kg;

All-in-one multi-furnace:

The length will be increased by 640mm by the increasing of each additional furnace based on the length of dual furnace.

Weight: The weight of furnace will be increased by 145kg by the increasing of each additional furnace based on the weight of dual furnace. 

The dimension and weight of three furnace is provided as an example:

Dimensions(L×W×H): (3200+640)×640 ×1200;

Weight: 375+145=520kg

detachable furnace:

Single furnace model:

Furnace dimensions(L×W×H): 640×640×1050;

Control box dimensions(L×W×H): 550×640×1200;

Weight: 230kg

Double or multi-furnace:

Dimensions: the length will be increased by 640mm by the increasing of each additional furnace based on the dimensions of single detachable furnace.

Control box dimensions(L×W×H): 550×640×1200;

Weight: The weight of furnace will be increased by 145kg by the increasing of each additional furnace based on the weight of single detachable furnace. 

Working noise: <45dB, intermittent;

Noise type: fan;

Working environment temperature and humidity: 0-50℃,0-90% RH non-condensing

Storage/transportation temperature: -40℃ to 60℃;

Installation: horizontal.

Gas purification

Dehumidification: anhydrous CaCl2 and granular absorbent cotton filtration;

Gas bottle: transparent PMMA with quick joint;

Working pressure: 1.5MPa;

Gas buffer volume: 1.5L.

Communications specifications:

Hardware: TCP/IP, photoelectric isolation, anti-surge;

Communication line: twisted-pair RVV cable of class 5.

Auxiliary equipment:

1.Drum for test of coke strength after reaction (I shape);

2.Communication line: twisted-pair RVV cable of class 5.

Power supply and consumption characteristics:

Power supply: AC 220V/AC 380V ± 10%, 50Hz; three-phase five-wire or three-phase four-wire

Rated maximum power: 12kW (Max);

Rated power consumption: 0 to 9 kW.

Temperature control

Temperature resolution: 0.2℃;

Temperature control precision: constant 1100℃ (single or three channels);

Accuracy: ±2℃;

Temperature range: ambient temperature to 1100℃;

Heating rate: 8 to 16℃/min (adjustable);

Temperature control curve customization: Supported;

Furnace characteristics:

Hot furnace measurement: all system standard;

Working mode: optional;

Initial heating: residual heat of furnace heating up

Waste heat operation: intelligent recognition automatic switch;

Working efficiency: >30% in continuous mode;

Heat efficiency: >60% (excluding natural heat loss).

Gas flow characteristics:

Flowmeter: thermal mass flowmeter;

Flowmeter structure: weak acid corrosion resistance;

Flow rate range of CO2: 0~6.0L/min;

Flow rate range of N2: 0~8.14L/min;

Accuracy: ±1.0% FS

Flow rate control: Automatic control at a fixed value and hard & soft manual control.

Gas circuit characteristic:

Pressure resistance: source: ≤3MPa, output: ≤0.1MPa;

Pipeline:A8×2 Plastic tube (CO2: transparent, N2: black);

Preheating mode of CO2: electrical heating with power of 190W;

Preheating control of CO2: automatic or manual.

Electric furnace characteristics:

Working temperature: 1250℃ (Max);

Rated power:12kW (Max);

Constant temperature power: 0.8 to 2.0kW;

Heating element: Silicon carbon element in U + L structure (12 bars) or Iron & chrome & aluminum alloy heating wire;

Constant temperature area: 170 ~ 330mm ± 5% (1100℃).

Loading and unloading module features:

Loading and unloading of reactor: two-dimensional electromotion;

Vertical displacement: 0 to 650mm with speed of 15 to 20mm/s;

Horizontal displacement: reciprocating angle of 0~72° with a linear speed of 20mm/s;

Protection mode: dual electronical position limit and hard mechanical limit

Horizontal movement: single limit + torque mechanical clutch.


Sound alarm: volume 60~70dB, frequency: 3kHz;

Overheating protection: automatic breach of hardware output;

Protection range: thermocouple and heating element damage, overheating, abnormal rising of temperature, insufficient or excessive gas flow rate.

Reactor characteristics:

Material: GH3044 (GH44) Chinese standard;

Specification: Ø 80×500mm;

Manufacturing process: DC argon arc welding;

Alumina ball: Ø20mm.


Size: 0.5×700mm;

Type: S material of platinum and rhodium;

Accuracy grade: 0.5;

Working range: 0 to 1600℃;

Protection target: damage protection, overheating, no heating, etc.




1.One drive three and one drive five models applied in Ha Tinh Steel are shown in the following picture.

2.Any computer in the picture can operate all the equipment. One of the computers will be maintained as a standby, which can take over the control of all equipment if the using one fails. Hence, the tests in progress will not be interrupt. The number of computers is selectable, but at least one is indispensable.


1.The detachable models are recommended for new laboratories, by which the management and distribution can be optimized;

2.The indoor direct combustion of exhaust gas is not recommended, while centralized disposure or combustion are more appropriate for multi-furnace models.

3.English interface are selectable for both hardware and software, which is shown in the following picture.     

We also provide high precision versions with reliable data correction for scientific research units or national laboratories.

Though the hardware specifications of various version furnaces are different, the quality of our products are superior and consistent.