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SYD-5F2 Stirring device for caking index determination of coal
    发布时间: 2021-09-24 15:40    

Stirring device for caking index determination is a new product, which matches with the caking index tester. The blending procedure with anthracite is strictly designed according to the international standards, and consequently the stirring speed and time as well as dip angle during test are strictly controlled by computer. Hence, the accurate and reliable results will increase the repeatability of test and also reduce the complication of operation.

SYD-5F2 Stirring device for caking index determination of coal

Main features:

1.Compact structure and easy to operate. No manual operation is necessary expect for the loading and unloading of crucible;

2.Simple, small and light;

3.Automatic adjustment after startup (Vertical direction);

4.Stirring rod, rotation speed of crucible, dip angle are automatic controlled during test, which reduces the complication of operation.

Process characteristics:

Crucible inclined Angle of: 45°;

Stirring rod rotation speed of: 150r/min;

Number of crucible: 2 to 4;

Crucible rotation speed: 15r/min;

Stirring time: 105 seconds;

45° to vertical time :15 seconds;

Display mode: LCD display.

Electrical characteristics:

Power supply voltage: AC 220V±10%, 50hz or AC 110V±10%, 60Hz;

Rated power: 12W(Max);

Physical characteristics:

Dimensions (L×W×H): 300×285×185

Weight: 12kg;

Working noise: below 45db (Max);

Fixed mode: on a flat surface.